How it’s going.

Greetings and Salutations Everyone,

My name is Anthony Racic welcome to the Audacious Titans podcast/website. We are three guys looking to entertain you for a few hours while you’re doing whatever it is that you do. We like to talk about movies, games, music, TV shows, sports, politics, life in general; anything that is on our minds. The show is unedited and unscripted. Share and subscribe if you like what you hear.

I don’t want to speak for everyone, so I’ll let the other guys introduce themselves. At 30 I’m the old man of the group. I studied political science and philosophy at Ball State, but drank too much and dropped out. I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants and construction. I was managing a bar called the Bird in Muncie when I dropped out, I didn’t need college, I was 21 and managing a bar! SMH Of course it went terribly wrong, but we’ll talk about that later . Currently I’m a soil engineer; turning leaves and yard waste into high nutrient top soil. I also tend bar at the local sports arena. I love to travel, I’ve road tripped across the country numerous times. I spent 3 weeks traveling around China in Sept 2012, we’ll talk about that later as well. I’m the oldest of three boys who’s parents divorced when he was 13, some interesting stuff there. Daylan and I worked at Blockbuster while it was in it’s death throes before our store closed. We’ve got some funny stories about that. Bottom line is we’ve all seen some shit and gone thru some shit. We’ve got stories and jokes and will entertain.

I guess this is where my can of worms open up. Allowing you to delve into the deep psychotic that is I,DAYLAN!
Yeah I’m the youth of the group and by youth I mean 27 years of age. I am a recent graduate from a local university where I studied everything from communications to media production and Criminal Justice.
I have two kids and I am on the fast track to being married. As Anthony said we both worked for the recently extinct Dinosaur (Blockbusterus Renticus) the ancestor of all modern streaming/rental services. There I started as a regular sales rep and boosted to a management position by force. (Didn’t want responsibility) Anyway I am currently doing multiple jobs at a big box electronic store as well as servicing phones at sprint. My life has many turns and crazy thing from what my alter ego has ran thru..

His name is M.F Money, he’s a bit of a troll. I blame all the shit I want to do and or still do to on him. Umm I’m not good at description of self so yeah, I like games , movies, anime, Manga, conspiracy theories, The general unknown, sports and guns. Jeff and I also go way back to a place called Golden Corral where we worked as high schoolers of course doing high school shit. We also attended IU together he a year ahead of me where he also did college kid shit. All of this shit will be shoveled into your minds like a freshly packed burial site of fun and memories. So yeah…oh and I like to do a lot of my work on the shitter; like updating this intro 😀