Podcast 002 We Play GTA V

Podcast 002

We play GTA V.

This episode was recorded at my house while we played GTA V online. Our friends Trell and Drew were hanging out as well. So lots of GTA V talk on this episode. We talk about American Horror Story: Coven a little bit. Money drops his theory on reincarnation. Movie mask bank robbers in real life. Cake in a box vs. homemade cake. We love Pacific Rim. Watching Gravity in 3D IMAX causing motion sickness. The sexiness of the iPhone, which continues the great Android vs. Iphone debate. Running from the cops on a moped. A little next gen console comparison. Theories on the future of gaming and televisions. People who pay for porn.  Is it wrong to have bums walk around with Wi-Fi modems attached to them so they would be human hotspots? The ridiculousness of the GTA V online character models. Is the Ifruit app worth it? Shout out to Jobless Gamers YouTube channel and all their fantastic GTA V videos. Trell bought the GTA V Super special edition and he tells us if it was worth it. Money tries to jump a car into the Fort Zancudo and steal a jet. Why I need Google Glass. A bendable cell phone? Drew drops some knowledge about internet companies limiting bandwidth. The NSA data storage bunker in Utah. Would women be scared of a giant penis? A guy sets himself on fire. The group camping area at Pokagon State Park. Money shows us Patton Oswalt’s analysis of Christmas Shoes. Will it blend? Why is it called a Jerry Can? Should you put someone out who is self-immolating? Cargo plane crash. We end the show watching Maddox’s hilarious rants.

 Podcast 002

Links to stuff we talked about:

American Horror Story

Movie mask bank robbers

Jobless Gamers

NSA data storage bunker

Pokagon Group Camp

Will it Blend

Patton Oswalt’s Christmas Shoes


Cargo Plane Crash


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