Podcast 005

Audacious Titans Podcast 005

Welcome back to the podcast!!! Thanks for listening. We recorded this podcast right after the next gen systems came out. Remember when Blockbuster rented game systems? RIP Blockbuster. Are there any independently owned Blockbuster stores anymore? Would you go hangout and play video games at a video rental place if there was an arcade attached? A gaming bar if you will. Are these already a thing? We are torn on Pain & Gain. Urban Rock Doom. Do you know why they put the banner on GTA V. MF Money breaks down a GTA V car glitch that probably doesn’t work anymore. I’m a Simpsons nerd and play Tapped Out. I should not do voices. White Castle vs Power’s Burgers. Would you date a girl that smelled like burgers 24/7? Minor technical difficulty. Power’s Burgers ruined Money’s prom. Wendy’s shenanigans. The top of my homemade bar is pretty cool. The lighter stuck in my bar is tricky. Next gen reviews were fun. Fuck cable tv all you need is internet. Blue and Money teach us about Toriko. We’ve discovered only 5% of the ocean. What did James Cameron find in the bottom of the ocean? XKCD has an awesome ocean infographic. Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Hollow Earth theory. Game of Thrones history is pretty sweet. Stop making games for movies and tv shows. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron had badass multiplayer. Ways to improve Armored Core and dirty rotten spies. Call of Duty and tricky accounting. What is the future of shooters? Best game to get with launch title? Dead Rising 3. GTA V zombie DLC would be badass. London is afraid of zombies. Resident Evil was scary as hell. Dreamcast was ahead of its time. What do you do for porn without the internet? Labiaplasty, is it a bad thing? Trent Richardson supposedly made a sex tape. Will gay rumors ruin a rap career? Homosexuality and the black community. Just be cool everybody. Swing dancing is fun. Why do people have to bring guns to parties? Crazy house parties at Ball State. Impromptu parties happen. Moon sand? CSR 9000. Zombie apocalypse preparedness plan. There was some confusion about what FTW means. Youtube reacts t0 ___ videos are hilarious. Angela Lansbury touches herself. Who faps to that?  How far are you willing to go down the Youtube rabbit hole. We talk a little bit about Thor the Dark World. Is Captain America worthy of Mjolnir? How did they hide Kat Dennings’ wonderful boobies? Is there a Halo tv show? Nuka Break the Fallout Youtube show is cool check it out. Walking Dead webisodes give some cool back story. Terrence Howard is bitter about not being in the rest of the Iron Man movies. Robert Downey Jr, is the ultimate Hollywood comeback story. Wallace is gonna be the Human Torch. The Wire is great. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are the Wonder Twins? London and Money fight about Apple and Android, again. Is Devicism a thing? Adam Warlock’s cocoon is in the post credits scene of Thor the Dark World. Read the Infinity Saga. We are in the Golden Age of Comic Book movies. Agents of SHIELD should be better. Arrow is supposed to be pretty good. DC Nation Batman of Shanghai is pretty sweet. San Francisco BatKid. Lady Gaga’s “flying suit.” Mushrooms in the woods. Nerd Rage. Do you have an enemies list?

Podcast 005

Wolf of Wall Street Spoilery Review

wolf of wall street poster

Wolf of Wall Street

By: Anthony Racic

I say this with all due respect, but FUCK YOU Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio! Fuck you for making me fucking care about fucking Jordan Belfort. You fuckin fucks had me concerned about this motherfucker’s wellbeing.

Your fucking movie is a classic American tale of fucking greed run amok. You still made Belfort come off as a fucking sympathetic character. Sure he was a fucking crazy asshole, but how could a person not be with that much fucking money. Fuck man, I really wanted to hate this movie and Mr. Belfort. But you fucking assholes are too fucking good. Will the Academy fucking give Di Caprio a fucking Oscar already for fuck’s sake? The man is a fucking phenomenal actor and fucking deserves one.

Holy shit did Jonah Hill look ridiculous, with the fucking teeth and the fucking glasses. He did a great job too, if that wasn’t a perfect stereotypical WASPy fucking douchebag, I don’t know what is. I wish they would have done a picture montage of what these fucks really looked like at the end of this flick. Matthew McCaughnhey was fucking fantastic. Shane from the Walking Dead tv show played a good part, as well.

Do not take anyone to the fucking movie that is easily offended by tits, ass, dick, sex, or drug use. I’d say all of that takes up at least 45 minutes of the fucking movie. Pretty sure I saw Jonah Hill’s cock when he’s all fucked up on ludes. Maybe it was a stunt cock, I don’t know, but it was somebody’s cock.

Parts of it reminded me a lot of Boiler Room, another great stock movie. It came out in 2000 starring Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Scott Caan, Nia Long, Tom Everett Scott, and has a great cameo by Ben Affleck that I can’t help but think was based on Belfort. I can’t find anything linking them together, but you watch Affleck and then watch Di Caprio and tell me Affleck’s character wasn’t based on Belfort.

Longs story short, it was a great movie. Did it glorify essentially stealing from people with stock tricks? Yes, but as long as you steal from rich people, I’m ok with that.

Podcast 004

Audacious Titans Podcast 004

What’s up everybody, so glad you’re here. Welcome back to the show. We were so wrong about the number of this show. Some formal introductions on this one, we discuss making up with friends after a misunderstanding. London Blue gets us going talking about the last TMNT game he played. Then we switch to tablets and cell phones. We all have something different. I’ve got a Kindle Fire, MFM has a Galaxy Note 2, and LB has an iPad. Have you heard about the new customizable phone? Blue had a bitch of a time finding the new Armored Core. It’s a great game, but the graphics could be better. I loved playing Armored Core on my original Playstation, but the graphics on the new version look the same. We talk about our Blackberry experience.  Boy were we wrong about the Steam ConsoleWe talk about the Steam controller. Which leads us into Drake. The Safe Black Guy. Why dancers are better than Bards in Final Fantasy Tactics. MFM can’t pronounce Cabela’s. Chinese gutter oil. Viewers listen? Chinese kids peeing in the streets. The frightening air quality of Chinese air. September is the month to visit China. Back to the Steam Console. Building beastly gaming PCs. Is it worth it? I mean you already need a computer, might as well trick it out. The Singularity and all its meanings. A grown ass man cannot go out and buy a handheld game for himself. So make Final Fantasy a download for one of the consoles. Do more kids have DSes than any other demographic? Does everyone now game? What would that mean for society? How people with symmetrical faces are more likely to be on tv. We reminisce about when G4 was good. Aliens make video games as a mind control device. Or does it open your mind? Oculus rift. What if we are a simulation? Some existential random jibberish. Conspiracy jibberish. The bonding aspects of gaming. Talkwave? Merging systems? Why can’t all console players play on the same network? How fantastic indie games are. We find a Top 25 Indie Games list. The ever present GTA V. The amount of Minecraft costumes on trick or treaters at the mall. Clowning on mall security guards. Everybody loves the Doobie Brothers and Michael McDonald. People do what people do. Please release a version of GTA V for next gen consoles. How long is a day in GTA V? The Bad People Room?!? How to get out of there. Thanks to youtube user KingAlexHD for the video instructions. Subscribe to his channel. We just can’t stop talking about GTA V. Shout out to the Grasscity crew. Then we get to Titan Fall and Lost Planet. Getting banned from Xbox live. The difference between Xbox fanboys and Playstation fanboys. Nobody is worse than Apple lover. Which has more updates Android or Apple? Ability to hack and modify Android phones. Super expensive Samuel Adams beer; Utopia. The beauty of the mix and match six packs. Dinobots in Transformers 4!!!! Michael Bay vs the Chinese Mafia. I, Frankenstein. What the hell. Gargoyles the cartoon show would make a better movie. Our favorite kids toys. Danny Glover fighting Predators. Pros and cons of having an alien arm. Gimme the loot, gimme the loot. X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer, will it ret-con the first X-Men trilogy? We argue about the original Captain America movie and get into some debate about the Marvel movies. Was Man of Steel better than Avengers? How badass was the 90’s X-Men cartoon. Professor X can jump bodies? What can his chair do? Agent Coulson is an LMD. Why Amazing Spiderman isn’t very good. Andrew Garfield, good actor, bad Spiderman. Spiderman is a dick to everyone. New game Destiny looks freakin sweet. Xbone AI is cool, but creepy. Playing video games on Blockbuster’s dime. The internet is the collective conscious of mankind. Then London’s girlfriend gets home and we call it a show. Thanks for listening. Check out the links to some of the show’s topics. 


Podcast 004

Christmas Sweaters


What’s up everybody, Racic here.

I was at my brother’s house for Christmas he had on his ugly Christmas sweater. “It takes a man to buy his ugly Christmas sweater in the women’s department.” He boasts. Ugly Christmas sweaters, as a tradition, kind of creep me out.

I hated wearing the “nice sweater” I had to during the holidays. Not because it was a sweater. But because it was some gawd awful cutesy sweater my mom or grandma bought for me. AS A PRESENT. That I picked up Christmas morning, hoping against hope that it was the one thing I wished for more than anything else that year.

 Side note, I don’t want to sound greedy, my parents would just buy us lots of little crap instead of a couple more expensive things. They did this because my mother enjoys watching us open presents. Her Christmas crack is the look of joy on a child/person’s face when they open a present. Not that that’s not a wonderful feeling, I just think it’s better to see the look on someone’s face when they get something they actually want and will use.

But alas, it never was. It was always that fucking sweater. Sometimes it had snowmen or reindeer or santa claus or jesus, one year it was blue. Christmas trees or snowflakes nothing I ever wanted to wear in my life. But I had to wear it the rest of the day, at Christmas dinner, with all of my cousins over. It was mortifying.

In 2nd grade I was made to wear it to school, although it was not a sweater, but a complete sweatsuit. It was during the iron on craze of the early 90’s. I’m from a small town, trends used to take time to get around before the internet. I’ll remember that vile creation until the day I die. What started as regular navy blue sweatshirt and navy blue sweatpants, became an abomination covered in iron on bunnies and teddy bears wearing cutesy little santa hats, or playing in snow, or whatthefuckever with different color glitter glue outlines. Fuck I wanted to shoot myself. Possibly the first time I contemplated suicide. You see my school decided it would be fun to make the day before Christmas break…Christmas Sweater Day!!!

I was stuck. My mother and grandmother had made this for me a few days prior, they were making stuff for the whole family. When I told them we could wear our Christmas Sweaters to school they giggled with delight that I would be wearing their handiwork in public. I fought tooth and nail with my mother against it. But she pulled the mighty, “It would mean the world to your Grandmother” card, on top of the “we worked so hard on it” card, and the “don’t you love us?” card. I was outplayed and caved.

I wore my coat as long as I could that day, but the kids could see my pants. Giggles started to slip around the room. The teacher made me take my coat off and full on snickers broke out. Fuck it was traumatic. I tried to play it off like they were cool, “my mom and grandma handcrafted these sweats for me out of their love!” A voice in the crowd said “aw they wove the wittle baby.” My self-esteem died.

Second grade is a weird time, you’re not quite an adolescent, and you’re not a toddler anymore. You definitely don’t want to be wearing baby bunnies and teddy bears playing in the snow on a matching sweatsuit your mom and grandma made for you. I had nothing. I couldn’t shout back, NO I’M NOT, because that would have been childish. I couldn’t get in a fight, because I didn’t know who said it. So I sat in the corner, alone.

Lunch I was on display on the wall because I got in a shoving match in the line. I had to get into a few fights the winter/spring to make up for that incident. I think I’ve blocked out the rest of that day, because that’s all I’ve got. It’s tough going from a boy to a man. Which is what made me laugh at his boast, he didn’t have to wear the outfit they made for him to school. His wasn’t done yet. He only had to wear his on Christmas eve/morning.

Oh yeah they made one for all three of us, in each of our favorite colors. We were fucking adorable. So my younger brother boasts that real men buy their ugly Christmas sweaters in the women’s department, but I thinking he was just making excuses. He has always loved wearing women’s clothes.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. People have the right to wear whatever they want. I’ve always been a fan of kilts myself, but I’m not Scottish so I feel like a poser wearing one. It is kind of nice though when the breeze tickles your junk. He’s just real Jesus-ey these days.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, they just aren’t really tolerant of cross-dressers. So anything he can do to wear women’s clothes without arousing suspicion, he’s all about it. But seriously folks, a real man wears whateverthefuck he wants to wear and I dare you to tell him different.