Podcast 004

Audacious Titans Podcast 004

What’s up everybody, so glad you’re here. Welcome back to the show. We were so wrong about the number of this show. Some formal introductions on this one, we discuss making up with friends after a misunderstanding. London Blue gets us going talking about the last TMNT game he played. Then we switch to tablets and cell phones. We all have something different. I’ve got a Kindle Fire, MFM has a Galaxy Note 2, and LB has an iPad. Have you heard about the new customizable phone? Blue had a bitch of a time finding the new Armored Core. It’s a great game, but the graphics could be better. I loved playing Armored Core on my original Playstation, but the graphics on the new version look the same. We talk about our Blackberry experience.  Boy were we wrong about the Steam ConsoleWe talk about the Steam controller. Which leads us into Drake. The Safe Black Guy. Why dancers are better than Bards in Final Fantasy Tactics. MFM can’t pronounce Cabela’s. Chinese gutter oil. Viewers listen? Chinese kids peeing in the streets. The frightening air quality of Chinese air. September is the month to visit China. Back to the Steam Console. Building beastly gaming PCs. Is it worth it? I mean you already need a computer, might as well trick it out. The Singularity and all its meanings. A grown ass man cannot go out and buy a handheld game for himself. So make Final Fantasy a download for one of the consoles. Do more kids have DSes than any other demographic? Does everyone now game? What would that mean for society? How people with symmetrical faces are more likely to be on tv. We reminisce about when G4 was good. Aliens make video games as a mind control device. Or does it open your mind? Oculus rift. What if we are a simulation? Some existential random jibberish. Conspiracy jibberish. The bonding aspects of gaming. Talkwave? Merging systems? Why can’t all console players play on the same network? How fantastic indie games are. We find a Top 25 Indie Games list. The ever present GTA V. The amount of Minecraft costumes on trick or treaters at the mall. Clowning on mall security guards. Everybody loves the Doobie Brothers and Michael McDonald. People do what people do. Please release a version of GTA V for next gen consoles. How long is a day in GTA V? The Bad People Room?!? How to get out of there. Thanks to youtube user KingAlexHD for the video instructions. Subscribe to his channel. We just can’t stop talking about GTA V. Shout out to the Grasscity crew. Then we get to Titan Fall and Lost Planet. Getting banned from Xbox live. The difference between Xbox fanboys and Playstation fanboys. Nobody is worse than Apple lover. Which has more updates Android or Apple? Ability to hack and modify Android phones. Super expensive Samuel Adams beer; Utopia. The beauty of the mix and match six packs. Dinobots in Transformers 4!!!! Michael Bay vs the Chinese Mafia. I, Frankenstein. What the hell. Gargoyles the cartoon show would make a better movie. Our favorite kids toys. Danny Glover fighting Predators. Pros and cons of having an alien arm. Gimme the loot, gimme the loot. X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer, will it ret-con the first X-Men trilogy? We argue about the original Captain America movie and get into some debate about the Marvel movies. Was Man of Steel better than Avengers? How badass was the 90’s X-Men cartoon. Professor X can jump bodies? What can his chair do? Agent Coulson is an LMD. Why Amazing Spiderman isn’t very good. Andrew Garfield, good actor, bad Spiderman. Spiderman is a dick to everyone. New game Destiny looks freakin sweet. Xbone AI is cool, but creepy. Playing video games on Blockbuster’s dime. The internet is the collective conscious of mankind. Then London’s girlfriend gets home and we call it a show. Thanks for listening. Check out the links to some of the show’s topics. 


Podcast 004

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