Poscast 011 Polar Vortex

Podcast 011

Welcome back to the show folks, thank you for listening. If you like us, tell your friends! We start this show off with Sugarfoot by Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Maybe we will play some Sade next time. This was recorded back when the Polar Vortex hit. Instructions for how to do dishes camp style. MF Money got the Mega Man suit on Dead Rising 3. Battlefield smart glass is pretty sweet. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is like One Piece. London is obsessed with side scrolling phone games. Wazhack is worth $3. Powder. Plants vs Zombies is a great game for all ages. Halo Wars was a great RTS. Like games that aren’t  shooters does not make you less of a man. How can a man play 3 games at once? Final Fantasy Tactics is London’s favorite game of all time. Infection Mode on COD is troll central. Secret of Evermore sounds like Peabody and Sherman. Star Ocean? If you want a good JRPG buy a Playstation. The media needs a story. Thor vs Raiden Death Battle. Teeth is the scariest movie of all time. Does Mileena lay eggs? Shao Kahn vs Bison Death Battle. Alienware is going to put out Steamboxes every year. It’s a great time for technology. Hemp is the greatest cash crop ever. Hemp Done Right. Titanfall!!! Tucano’s is a carnivore’s paradise. Still waiting for the new Outkast album. Microsoft bought the rights to Gears of War. Driver ants are no joke. Fortress Besieged. We need to ramp up space travel! 3-D house printers. We love The Fifth Element. Batman vs Spiderman Death Battle. Check out the League. Amalgam comics. Iceman vs Lufi would be a good fight. One Piece segment. Y The Last Man is a sweet comic series. Transmetropolitan is badass! Black and white vs color comics. Iphone screens are entirely too small. Fucking Candy Crush people. Homemade Fun-Dip. Sugar will ruin your life. Check out Project Spark. Break for pizza. Peter and Glenn? I meant Peter and Gwen. Is Gwen Stacy going to die in The Amazing Spiderman 2? Falling asleep at midnight movies is a problem. Shout out to the liquor store guy. Bill Nye or Beakman? Shameless promotion solicitation. X-Men: DFOP characters look cool. Hunger Games Catching Fire discussion. Battle Royale is so much better. Btooom is like Bomberman. Live action anime movies are hard to do. Archer Vice! Bob’s Burgers is great. Adventure Time is crazy. Snoop Doge. Blackface? Hemlock Grove is a good show. Thanks for listening follow us @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImwrong @JeffStampede

Audacious Titans Podcast 010 Ties

Audacious Titans Podcast 010 Show Notes

Podcast 010

Welcome back. Check out Alex Kransky. My Roommate the…great Youtube channel. One Piece. Injustice Gods Among Us Comics. What is your Destiny? DHS is pirate hunting now? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had sex to? Kung Fu Hustle. Don’t you hate people who borrow your shit and never return it. Who buys porn? South Korea internet is super fast. Denny’s fight videos. World Starr Hip Hop fight compilations. Fail blog. Fight Club minus Tyler Durden. Assassin’s Creed Shanghai isn’t a thing, but it should be. Naruto. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. Who doesn’t love some titties? Quasar. Angel Beats. Shingen. Lupin the Third. Space Dandy. Ghost in the Shell. Soul Fjord!!! The Ouya. Archer Vice!!! New Nintendo console.  gummi cell phone? Techno Buffalo Nokia Flexible Display. Illumiroom is too expensive? Miyazaki retires. Cake Farts? Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. Danzig – Mother. Razzies. Not Another Sundance Movie. Bubble Tea? Tapioca Balls. Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, Kentucky Fried Movie, The Onion Movie. iSteve. Crazy Smith family. Would you be on the Real World. Redneck Jersey Shore. Amish Mafia. Flip Wilson. Machete Kills. Hangover 3 was garbage. What if Batman was an elected position? Alfred’s back story. Oscars. Witcher 3. Barcade is a great idea. Would you wrestle a bear? Would you have a pet wolf? Back to the Oscars. Justice League: War. How to Be a Player. Badussy! ABC’s of Death. V/H/S. Animatrix. Wonder Woman. Legos are awesome! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ruined the franchise. Thor vs Raiden death battle! Kung Fury! Sexbot movie! How to turn cheap vodka into good vodka. Bill Cosby vs Odd Future The Internet is a great group. Jurassic Bark. Thanks for listening to us! Follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImWrong @JeffStampede

Podcast 009 Juan,Kyle, and The Bill

Audacious Titans Podcast 009


Podcast 009


Welcome back to the Audacious Titans podcast. Got a full house for this episode with MF Money and myself joined by Juan the American Don, Kyle, The Bill, and Andrew. We start by mourning the death of net neutrality. Welcome to NHK. Attack on Titan. Man murdered by ex-cop for texting in a theater. Old people and STDs. Ornithopter. Justin fucking Beiber. Pre-shower deuce. Three sea shells. Simon Phoenix talking to himself. Spaceballs. Blazing Saddles. Dark Souls 2 trailer. Last of Us DLC. Halo 5 concept art. Alien Isolation. Metroid. Kyle was not impressed with Anchorman 2. Bones, not the tv show. Wolf of Wall Street was badass. Qualudes. Don Jon. Big Trouble in Little China. About Time. COD Ghost Infected mode. Battlefield 4. Andrew’s GoTY is Tomb Raider. Saints Row 4 vs GTA V. MF Money extols the virtues of the XBONE. PS4 supports Porn Hub. Old school games with Raz Tech Raul. Superman 64 was terrible. Injustice is tight. Marvel needs a good fighting game. Street Fighter games are always more complicated than Mortal Kombat games. New Killer Instinct. Kyle and The Bill take off. Baron von Strucker. Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. Guy Ritchie needs to make another movie. Pym Particles. XBone Shadow mode? Watch Dogs. The Order 1886 looks pretty cool. The future of gaming graphics. Occulus Rift. Fahrenheit 451. You are the universe experiencing itself. Can you see auras? Magic the Gathering movie? Live action Halo movie? Gears of War. Doomed! Naked Gun reboot, will OJ be out in time to have a cameo? No relation. He Got Game sequel? True Detective is one of the greatest shows ever made. Thanks for listening!!! Follow us on Twitter. @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImWrong