Spoilery Review: Assault on Arkham


An animated Batman movie that barely has Batman in it, from the first time I heard this premise I was intrigued. Definitely a novel approach, but kudos to DC for pulling it off. Being a bit of a Marvel fan boy I was not very familiar with the Suicide Squad. If you’re not either let me fill you in. They are an off the books government team made up of supervillains, some are not that super though Captain Boomerang I’m looking at you. They are controlled by tiny explosives implanted in their heads. If they get out of line, pop goes the weasel. The woman with her finger on the button is Amanda Waller, a hard ass government agent who is not afraid to prove to the Suicide Squad that they are expendable. She wants them to break into Arkham to retrieve some data The Riddler has stolen from her and hidden in his cane. Data that will expose the programs existence and the participants identities. Where is Batman during all this? Searching Gotham for a dirty bomb the Joker has hidden somewhere.
I really enjoyed this movie. Marvel may have the edge on live action movie franchises, but DC is dominating animation and video games. The humor is great in this movie, the dialogue is witty, and the slap stick isn’t over done. This movie proves that a villain centric feature can work, at least an animated one. Watch this movie.

Audacious Titans Podcast 013

Podcast 013


Audacious Titans Podcast 013 Show Notes

Welcome back to the show. Since this is our St. Patty’s Day show our opening music is the Spicy McHaggis Jig from Dropkick Murphys. Don’t order Irish Car Bombs in an Irish bar. Coming out the gate talking about all things Titanfall. Sony coming out with digital rentals? Games for Gold is going to be better. Mone reviews Dark Souls 2. One Piece fans better buy a PS4. London loves World of Tanks. If you like it and play it a lot, give the devs some money. Marvel Puzzle Quest is still sweet. What if Titanfall and Armored Core had a baby? God Bless the Noob Tube. Hancock is an undercover Rom Com. Arkham Knight will have finishing moves. Who’s killed more movie people, Superman or Batman? How many superheroes have catch phrases? London gets freaked out when we get hypothetical. Check out Schoolboy Q and Rick Ross’ new albums. Tyler the Creator Odd Future vs Schoolboy Q. Childish Gambino killed it at SXSW. Earl High video is tripped out. Odd Future videos are pretty crazy too. Mone loves Drake. Kanye is great but he’s just an asshole. All the best people are crazy. House of Cards is the shit!! How I Met Your Mother final season is kind of lame. Hopefully they don’t have a shitty spinoff. Agents of SHIELD is getting better. Lizzie should have been put down a long time ago. Will porno mags be currency in the apocalypse? Would you let a person turn if they got bit by a zombie or kill them immediately? Night of the Living Deadpool is funny. Marvel Zombies is crazy shit. Console and Phone fanboyism is great for sales. I want a real Dick Tracy phone. Gotham has potential to be a great show. Toriko Spoilers. Adventure Time! Black Jesus is coming. Watch Masters of Sex. Constantine tv show will be out on AMC soon. Get ready for Mad Men’s final season. True Detective is great. Cosmos will change your perspective. Poocano! Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 was disappointing. The Thorium Dream is a documentary you need to watch. Bionic Solar Leaf. Titanfall ratings. Dark Souls 2 ratings. Monthly pay games suck taint. Idris Elba or Denzel Washington? Doctor Who is Fantastic!!! The rumors of the Fantastic Four’s demise were greatly exaggerated. Thing vs Juggernaut? Is Magneto really evil? Who are we to stop evolution? Codebreaker spoilers. Fletch reboot. JGL is starring in the Sandman movie. Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart are going to be hitmen? Read Marvel Civil War. Ms. Marvel movie in the works. 300: Rise of an Empire is mostly annoying. RIP Hal Douglas, movie trailer voice mogul. Who’s flaskin. Eva Green has spectacular breasts. Teeth is the scariest movie ever. Virtual fuckin. How to become a wizard. On that note that’s the show. Follow us on twitter @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImwrong @JeffStampede

Podcast 013