Audacious Titans Podcast 019

Podcast 019

Show Notes

Never fear we are here to fill your ear. Thanks for listening folks. That show went some wild places, hopefully you stuck with us and enjoyed it. Until next time.  Be Audacious, Titans.

0:47 Destiny
11:40 Warcraft SDCC news
15:20 Jaeger Experience SDCC
16:10 Ready Player One spoilery discussion
26:05 Trueblood vs Game of Thrones
31:23 The Leftovers
33:45 Rick and Morty
36:15 favorite parts of Ready Player One spoilers
44:28 Masturbating Soldier
49:50 What’s your max?
59:16 Dorm stories
64:20 Mobile games
67:38 Trip report
78:40 Penny Dreadful
80:28 Bigotry
84:05 What if your dick fell off?
87:21 Ninja Scrolls
88:38 Manga, SAO, Toriko
90:48 Reborn
97:00 Movie News
100:05 Trailers

Audacious Titans Podcast 018

Podcast 018 Show Notes

Podcast 018

Greetings true believers, welcome back to the show. We kick this episode off talking about some of our favorite shopping websites shout out to and,
3:30 obese people on scooters,
4:40 Drew’s grocery cart conspiracy,
7:47 beer festivals and seafood,
13:30 frogs and prank wars
22:32 Microsoft Layoffs,
27:25 Game of Thrones,
33:15 writing vs reading,
36:40 Alien Isolation, Guacamele, Super Time Force,
44:31 Outlast Spoilers,
51:52 Divinity Original Sin,
55:20 Vape Summit,
62:40 Boulevard sampler interjection,
64:10 Tekken 7 and fighting games,
73:15 Dem feels,
75:30 Super Power Beat Down,
77:28 Punisher v Red Hood Spoilers,
78:55 Aquaman, Stargate, Don’t be a Dick,
86:00 Multicultural Marvel,
88:48 Zero Theorem Spoilery Discussion,
93:15 Frog Vengeance,
94:50 religion,
101:36 Dear White People,
102:26 Mario Kart,
104:20 Universal Classic Monsters Universe,
108:48 Dracula Untold,
110:50 Robert Orci quits Spidey 3 and movies coming soon,
114:30 DBZ and Manga, 

Audacious Titans Podcast 017

Podcast 017 Show Notes

Podcast 017

What’s up everybody, Drewchaovsky sits in for Stampede this episode. Topics include; work work, work, 2:20 TV providers, 4:13 games we’re playing, 9:08 Reanimator, 12:36 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 16:07 The House, 17:00 Noah, 19:08 Lebron, 20:27 Story time, 25:22 Walking Dead, 26:46 Game of Thrones,  42:42 Emmy Nominations U Pick’em, 44:33 Godzilla Spoiler Alert, 46:06 Pacific Rim 2, 46:48 Manga time, 54:42 Back to Emmy’s U Pick’em, 56:21 Futurama and Philosophy, 62:00 Event Horizon space travel, 71:11 Weird Emmy Awards, 72:25 3 Rivers Festival, 79:50 Getting tased, 81:20 Electrocution, 84:16 Camo people, 85:11 Radiant Historia, 90:00 Epic Game Music, Slo-Mo, and Chance the Rapper, 94:31 This is Not Happening, 97:30 Youtube favorites, 99:45 X-Men Spoiler Alert, 103:48 Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks for listening follow us @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImWrong @MetalFaceMone @JeffStampede

Audacious Titans Podcast 016

Audacious Titans Podcast 016 Show Notes

Podcast 016

Welcome Back to the show folks. Topics for this show include UFC until 13:00, Vapes, Drone in fireworks, where’s the postman app, 17:30 lo-jacked cars, 19:00 coffee vs energy drinks, 20:40 Gohan v Wolverine, 22:00 PBS Idea Channel Is Literature Real, 23:55 Ready Player One, 29:00 Gem and the Holograms, 30:15 Books Club, Ready Player One, Haunted, and Women, 31:30 Guacamele, 34:20 Dragonquest: Realm of Wings, 35:50 Upcoming games, 41:30 Orange is the New Black, 44:10 Game of Thrones, 46:20 Coil Troubles, 48:00 Beer Snobbery, 53:00 Gamers that talk shit, 55:20 EA’s UFC, 59:45 TFTW Top Ten Indy games 2014, 65:05 Chaos insues, 67:00 Final Fantasy Tactics tactics, 69:00 Civilization, 70:00 back to the top ten, 77:15 Diablo 4, 84:28 Changing Gamer tags, 87:00 Marvel Puzzle Quest, 92:20 Vape Maintenance, 97:20 The Raid 2, 101:15 Transformers 4, 102:15 Pacific Rim 2, 103:30 movies coming soon, 108:00 Life After Beth, 109:00 do you want to turn?

Audacious Titans Podcast 015

Audacious Titans Podcast 015 Show Notes

Podcast 015

Welcome back and thank you for listening to our podcast. We hope you enjoy listening as much as you enjoy doing it. Today’s episode starts with what if magic was real? Matthew Mconaughney is fantastic in True Detective. Animals are evolving their behavior patterns in response to living around us and our civilization for so long. A little tutorial on how to handle my dogs. Which leads us into South Park Stick of Truth. MF Mone tells us his way to play Thief. Should Stampede spend money on World of Tanks? Netflix Party View is missed. Hulu has all the anime. How do you feel about the surveillance state? Spoiler free Game of Thrones talk. Abrupt subject change to GTA V online heists. Titanfall DLC! Payday 2 got overlooked because of GTA V. Auditory hallucinations. Trolling horror movie victims. Mone really wants to be a werewolf. Puzzle Quest will steal your free time. Check out our Snaptees account. Amazon Fire TV gaming console. RIP Ouya. 360 emulator for XBONE? Bruce Lee available in UFC 2014. Would you buy a Greco Roman Wrestling game? Street Fighter controls are way too complicated. Amy Hening has gone to EA to helm the new Star Wars game. Check out One Piece vs DBZ video on Counter656 Youtube Channel. Is DBZ starter anime? How many people did Cap kill in The Winter Soldier movie? How will Agents of SHIELD adapt to the events of CAP2? We want to see how Fury lost his eye. Stampede is trying to finish HIMYM. Amazing Spiderman 2 game looks pretty good. What if time. Weird shit. When did Magneto pull out Wolverine’s adamantium?  The special edition of Wolfenstein doesn’t come with the game? They should make a movie with all the Elder Scrolls trailers. Halo 4 nostalgia. Minecraft in Titanfall? Silicon Valley is pretty fuckin funny. The 12 o’clock Boys. Mone is watching HeadNurse Twitch stream during the podcast. There are strange people on Twitch in the wee hours of the morning. Three new Harry Potter movies coming out. Welcome to the New Renaissance. News of Things That Shouldn’t Exist. Cap vs Batman/Superman. Juan almost died. Stampede doesn’t understand Fargo. Asylum is making a zombie apocalypse tv show for SyFy. Gary’s Mod sounds sweet. Chocolate Covered Bacon!!!! Thanks for listening everyone!!! Follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImWrong @JeffStampede

R.I.P. Robin Williams

By Anthony Racic

Yesterday the world lost one of the funniest people that have ever lived. After years of battling depression Williams could fight no more. For those unfamiliar with the disease, it isn’t like having a bad day. Its like having the worst day imaginable, over and over and over again. Worst of all it can cause hopelessness. You can’t get better because you dont believe you ever will. I can only speculate as to how Mr. Williams was feeling when he took his own life, but he has spoken of his depression before. I am deeply saddened by the loss of this great actor, comedian, and all around performer. I wish his family the best in dealing with this tragedy. And to commemorate his life’s great works I present my top 13 Robin Williams performances.

13. Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest
In this animated feature about rain forest spirits trying to save their jungle from an evil pollution monster Williams stood out as the hilarious and heart warming Batty Koda. A bat that escaped an animal testing facility. This seems to be the prototype for how he would play Genie in Aladdin.

12. Jack
The opposite of Benjamin Button. In Jack, Williams played a 10 year old boy who looks like he’s 40 due to a genetic disorder that causes his cells to grow at 4x their normal rate. Dealing with themes of being an outsider and making friends. Williams was fantastic encapsulating the joys of childhood and the pains of being an outsider. His scenes with co star Bill Cosby were magic.

Jack trailer:

11. Toys
Toys was a wild movie about a toy manufacturer who must save his business from his war mongering uncle. A tripped out movie that is especially impressive when you consider that all of the effects are practical. Williams again plays the sad clown, a theme that runs through many of his roles.

Toys trailer:

10. Aladdin
I would argue that Williams was pivotal in the resurgence Disney saw in the 90s. Aladdin was huge and Williams performance as everyone’s favorite genie of the lamp was a big reason why.

Friend Like Me

9. Good Will Hunting
Williams was fantastic as the Southie shrink who wouldn’t put up with Matt Damon’s shit. The Academy finally accepted him as a serious actor in this movie and awarded him the Oscar for best supporting actor.

What do you want to do?

8. Final Cut
This was a sci fi film that didn’t get a lot of love when it came out, but I totally dug it. Imagine a future where your parents have an implant put behind your eye that records everything you see and hear for your entire life. Then after you die, a cutter splices together a highlight reel from all the footage. Great movie that focused completely on Williams dramatic acting chops.

Final Cut Trailer

7. Dead Poets Society
I don’t know what I can say about this movie that hasn’t been said a thousand times over. Williams is spectacular and inspiring. This movie made me read more poetry and made Carpe Diem a household phrase.

Carpe Diem

6. Jumanji
A fun and exciting movie, one of the first to incorporate CGI with live action well. I was amazed by this movie when I was young. Williams again showed his range in this movie while still conveying the heart of a child.

Jumanji trailer

5. Mrs. Doubtfire
This movie really helped me get through my parents divorce. It also helped Tyler Perry decide how to make a career. I will always love the sight gags and slapstick of this film as well as its wonderful story.

4. Good Morning Vietnam
I didn’t watch this movie until college, one of my professors recommended it to me when we were talking about government censorship. The movie does a great job of showing how the military controls the information people get. Williams was great as the DJ trying to brighten the GIs days.

Good Morning Vietnam Best Scenes:

3. Hook
In the time before everything had a reboot, Hook was an interesting take on a classic story. With a star studded cast Williams shined as Peter Banning the grown up Peter Pan who forgot about Neverland. I can watch this movie over and over.

Hook trailer

2. The Birdcage

I fucking love this movie. Its a classic tale of two people who fall in love, but are from very different worlds. They are worried that her ultra conservative family with absolutely hate his family. Mostly because he has two fathers and conservatives don’t like gay people. Williams is absolutely fantastic playing butch to Nathan Lane’s stereotypical queen. Lane steals every scene he is in, but this is still one of my favorite Williams movies.

The Birdcage trailer

1. Man of the Year

My favorite Robin Williams movie is one of his more recent. Man of the Year was a great exercise in satire. Asking what would happen if Jon Stewart became president. The voter fraud sub plot is pretty good. But its Williams as the comedian turned president-elect and his biting satire of the political process that makes this movie for me.

Man of the Year trailer

Debate Scene

So there you have it. Do you agree with my list? Whats your favorite Robin Williams performance? I purposefully left out his TV shows and stand-up comedy specials. His live on Broadway is damn near the funniest thing ever recorded. He will be greatly missed.

Audacious Titans Podcast 014 Codeine

Podcast 014 Codeine

Welcome back to the show, thanks for listening. Intro music is some classic James Brown, Get On Up. We jump into this episode talking about Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Mone is all up on the Juggernuts. London couldn’t make it for this show, so we got Codeine sitting in and Juan hanging out. Why do black people have so many nicknames? Sony is trying to get Project Morpheus going. What is the future of gaming? Porn drives technology. New Assassin’s Creed teaser released. Gotta love loosies. Stay away from the spice. The stock market app is like playing a video game. How many Amazon bots are going to get shot down? Smokin cigarettes in Metal Gear Solid. Do you ever replay a game? Movie news!!! WTF is Maze Runner? Divergent is pretty good. Names are hard. Jarritos Lime Soda, good stuff. Hercules, Hercules, Hercules. How to Be a Player will teach you everything you need to know about women. Badussy. Get on Up! Black Hank Hill. The red light of death. Michael Bay ruins stuff. Pacific Rim 2? The Raid 3 is going to happen. Cheesy Street Fighter Movie is awesome. Little bit of bush can be sexy. Feast recap. Don’t be racist. Good cheese will change your life. Can we just get a full length movie of Kate Upton running in slow motion? Bad Johnson. Enemy looks like a crazy movie. Masturbating Soldier! Jinn looks like a great monster movie. The dude from Afflicted is a dick. Annie remake looks good. Neighbors is gonna be hilarious. MaybeImWrong. Echo looks like modern ET. Kid Cannabis, the true story of running weed from Canada. X-Men: DOFP is gonna be badass. Wolverine too tame? The Giver movie is coming. Noisy drink making interlude. Mone is judging stuff he doesn’t understand. Son of Batman coming out soon. Ghostbusters Reboot. Peabody and Sherman is a great kids movie. Stakeland is some crazy shit. Mone went on a Riddick binge. Trailer Park Boys! Kid’s shows aren’t really for kids. John Leguizamo is a good actor. DMX is a crazy dude. SPOILERS FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA 2!!!! Snail Racing? Really hoping for Machete in Space. You can’t solve the world’s problem with a shotgun. SPOILERS FOR AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2!!!!! Golden Age of Comic Book Movies! Crazy Spiderman comics event about to go down! Superman Clone? The 100 could be cool. Haphead looks like a cool webseries. Mone gives us a Dark Souls 2 update. Thanks for listening!!! Follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImWrong @JeffStampede