Audacious Titans Podcast 016

Audacious Titans Podcast 016 Show Notes

Podcast 016

Welcome Back to the show folks. Topics for this show include UFC until 13:00, Vapes, Drone in fireworks, where’s the postman app, 17:30 lo-jacked cars, 19:00 coffee vs energy drinks, 20:40 Gohan v Wolverine, 22:00 PBS Idea Channel Is Literature Real, 23:55 Ready Player One, 29:00 Gem and the Holograms, 30:15 Books Club, Ready Player One, Haunted, and Women, 31:30 Guacamele, 34:20 Dragonquest: Realm of Wings, 35:50 Upcoming games, 41:30 Orange is the New Black, 44:10 Game of Thrones, 46:20 Coil Troubles, 48:00 Beer Snobbery, 53:00 Gamers that talk shit, 55:20 EA’s UFC, 59:45 TFTW Top Ten Indy games 2014, 65:05 Chaos insues, 67:00 Final Fantasy Tactics tactics, 69:00 Civilization, 70:00 back to the top ten, 77:15 Diablo 4, 84:28 Changing Gamer tags, 87:00 Marvel Puzzle Quest, 92:20 Vape Maintenance, 97:20 The Raid 2, 101:15 Transformers 4, 102:15 Pacific Rim 2, 103:30 movies coming soon, 108:00 Life After Beth, 109:00 do you want to turn?


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