Audacious Titans Podcast 018

Podcast 018 Show Notes

Podcast 018

Greetings true believers, welcome back to the show. We kick this episode off talking about some of our favorite shopping websites shout out to and,
3:30 obese people on scooters,
4:40 Drew’s grocery cart conspiracy,
7:47 beer festivals and seafood,
13:30 frogs and prank wars
22:32 Microsoft Layoffs,
27:25 Game of Thrones,
33:15 writing vs reading,
36:40 Alien Isolation, Guacamele, Super Time Force,
44:31 Outlast Spoilers,
51:52 Divinity Original Sin,
55:20 Vape Summit,
62:40 Boulevard sampler interjection,
64:10 Tekken 7 and fighting games,
73:15 Dem feels,
75:30 Super Power Beat Down,
77:28 Punisher v Red Hood Spoilers,
78:55 Aquaman, Stargate, Don’t be a Dick,
86:00 Multicultural Marvel,
88:48 Zero Theorem Spoilery Discussion,
93:15 Frog Vengeance,
94:50 religion,
101:36 Dear White People,
102:26 Mario Kart,
104:20 Universal Classic Monsters Universe,
108:48 Dracula Untold,
110:50 Robert Orci quits Spidey 3 and movies coming soon,
114:30 DBZ and Manga, 

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