Audacious Titans Podcast 019

Podcast 019

Show Notes

Never fear we are here to fill your ear. Thanks for listening folks. That show went some wild places, hopefully you stuck with us and enjoyed it. Until next time.  Be Audacious, Titans.

0:47 Destiny
11:40 Warcraft SDCC news
15:20 Jaeger Experience SDCC
16:10 Ready Player One spoilery discussion
26:05 Trueblood vs Game of Thrones
31:23 The Leftovers
33:45 Rick and Morty
36:15 favorite parts of Ready Player One spoilers
44:28 Masturbating Soldier
49:50 What’s your max?
59:16 Dorm stories
64:20 Mobile games
67:38 Trip report
78:40 Penny Dreadful
80:28 Bigotry
84:05 What if your dick fell off?
87:21 Ninja Scrolls
88:38 Manga, SAO, Toriko
90:48 Reborn
97:00 Movie News
100:05 Trailers

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