Audacious Titans Podcast 020

Podcast 020

Podcast 020 Show Notes

Back at it again. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments below.

1:48 Guardians of the Galaxy massive spoilers
21:25 Jim Beam trying to be classy
23:30 Silva vs Diaz
25:05 Deadpool movie
27:00 Appleseed Alpha
28:37 All Cheerleaders Must Die
29:28 Z Nation
30:30 Evil Dead TV Show
31:49 Doctor Who
35:56 Misfits
37:26 We’re Alive Zombie Podcast
39:22 Naruto Movie on Hulu Spoilers
44:38 Original Sin
50:14 Fight Club 2
51:50 Youtube bought Twitch
54:19 Battlefield Hardline
55:58 Kinect
59:08 Evolve & Destiny
68:10 Trigun
70:25 Assassin’s Creed Rogue
72:20 Xbox One Update
74:54 Master Chief Collection
77:00 Call of Duty memories
86:42 Charlie Murder vs Castle Crashers
88:22 Oculus Rift Videos
92:17 Godzilla Sequel
93:41 Gundam movie
95:40 Toriko spoilers
96:48 Dead Island movie
99:21 Marvel Puzzle Quest
103:26 Mobile Games
104:20 Reborn
105:47 Movie News
109:29 Trailer Talk
112:04 Vape Flavors

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