Audacious Titans Podcast 023 Ray Rice

Podcast 023 Ray Rice Show Notes

Podcast 023

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000:30 Ray Rice
002:40 Forgotten Souls and Fleshlights
004:30 The Fappening
008:30 Poor Joan Rivers
011:10 Diablo 3
030:09 LAN Party
033:39 Masturbating Soldier Theme Song
034:26 Africans at IU
040:14 Penny Mod Vape
042:29 Strip Club adventures
058:07 Destiny
059:07 Security Guard Stories
070:20 Pokken
072:59 Naruto
073:58 Nintendo problems and the future of gaming
089:00 Captain America v Batman Death Battle
093:31 Marvel Puzzle Quest
097:01 Best Mexican Food In Fort Waste

Audacious Titans Podcast 022

Show Notes

Podcast 022

Welcome back to the show, thanks for listening. Drop us a line at @AudaciousTitans. Thanks to Cobb for guest starring this week. Drewchavosky is also hanging out at the High Bar.

000:30 Diablo 3 and character carryover

002:22 Cobb’s zombie plan

007:50 Spoiler Alert: the Strain

008:50 Bad CGI

010:45 Colonial Marines Lawsuit

012:40 COD

015:35 Rust

016:30 Day Z

018:00 Online Police/GTA V

025:03 Diablo graphincal comparison

026:27 Good Next Gen games

030:22 Assassin’s Creed 4

037:22 Watchdogs

041:57 Spoiler Alert: Lucy

044:42 All of Samuel L Jackson’s Fucks

046:00 Cobb McGamer

050:30 Favorite subreddits

054:45 Buying GTA V twice

055:50 Games we’re looking forward to

058:50 Indie Games

070:15 Internet fucking

073:35 Weed in China

075:15 Jail sucks

081:55 Ferguson protests, The Purge, Profiling , Police, and Sociopaths

098:15 Science!

106:45 Age of Ultron

108:50 Attack on Titan Bollywood version and Anime

112:10 Marvel vs DC

116:30 Tekken

117:00 Vape Segment

118:00 Breaking Bad

121:00 Thanos, Wolerine, Apocalypse, Aliens

127:57 Movies that didn’t age well

128:50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

132:30 Rocket and Groot

Hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks to Drewchavosky and Cobb for hanging out. Until next time Be Audacious.