Audacious Titans Podcast 023 Ray Rice

Podcast 023 Ray Rice Show Notes

Podcast 023

If you are reading this, Thank you for listening to the show. We really appreciate it. Remember to follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitans @JeffStampede @MaybeImWrong @Drewchaovsky drop us a line with what’s on your mind.

000:30 Ray Rice
002:40 Forgotten Souls and Fleshlights
004:30 The Fappening
008:30 Poor Joan Rivers
011:10 Diablo 3
030:09 LAN Party
033:39 Masturbating Soldier Theme Song
034:26 Africans at IU
040:14 Penny Mod Vape
042:29 Strip Club adventures
058:07 Destiny
059:07 Security Guard Stories
070:20 Pokken
072:59 Naruto
073:58 Nintendo problems and the future of gaming
089:00 Captain America v Batman Death Battle
093:31 Marvel Puzzle Quest
097:01 Best Mexican Food In Fort Waste

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