Podcast 025 Destiny

Podcast 025 Destiny

Show Notes

Welcome back to the show! Thanks for listening, if you like the show leave us a comment. You can stream us to your phone now using the Stitcher app or Tune-In Radio! Subscribe and give us a thumbs up so they know you’re listening. Thanks to special guest NerdPower for hanging out this week. And thanks to our sponsors Wede Studios and Amazing Vapes.

000:30 Destiny

028:02 Beer tasting Theobroma

032:38 Anheuser Busch reacts to Ray Rice

038:31 Ultimate Fighter

041:48 Beer Tasting Monk’s Café Flemish Sour Ale

043:20 Beer Tasting Stone’s Coffe Milk Stout

044:02 Brew Dogs

049:02 iPhone issues

050:37 HBO standalone app

051:50 Funny language differences

052:25 Deadpool movie

055:00 PS4 Jordans

056:31 Beer Tasting Mars Bringer of War

057:57 Microsoft buys Mojang

067:35 Fantastic Four movie

069:04 Assassin’s Creed movie news

073:43 Beer Tasting Cascade Crooked Tree

074:23 Untappd

077:40 Z-Nation

082:15 Manga time

084:05 Beer Tasting Apollo Crooked Tree

085:11 The Signal

088:00 Frat fight at LSU

096:15 Berserk

103:48 Marvel Puzzle Quest

105:12 Beer Tasting Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout

106:51 Spiders and watching nature

109:50 Broadening your porn horizon

116:05 Fight stories

131:55 Vape segment

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