BeerSnobCast 003

BeerSnobCast 003

Thanks for listening everyone!!! This episode gets pretty crazy. We drank some delicious beers and talked about the trading community. Gonzo’s Nose shows up to defend himself and share some crazy stories. Don’t forget to listen to us on Stitcher and Tune-In Radio. Follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitansInstagram and Facebook. Check out our subreddit to join the conversation. Get our app to get the latest episodes first!!!

Beer List

  1. Siracha Stout – Rogue Ales
  2. Sour Bikini – Evil Twin Brewing
  3. Live A Rich Life – 3 Floyds Brewing Compay
  4. Double Crooked Tree – Dark Horse Brewing Co.
  5. 4th Anniversary Chocolate Coconut Almond Imperial Stout – Westbrook Brewing Co.
  6. Arh Hvad – Mikkeller
  7. Bomb – Prairie Artisan Ales
  8. Bacon Smoked Porter –Noble Order
  9. John John Dead Guy Ale – Rogue Ales
  10. Better Half – Mikkeller
  11. From Amager With Love – Evil Twin and Amager Collaboration
  12. Green Tea IPA  – Stone Brewing
  13. Tunnel Vision – New Albanian Brewery
  14. Yuzu – New Belgium Brewing Company
  15. Dantalion – Upland Brewing Company
  16. 2015 Old Guardian Barley Wine Extra Hoppy – Stone Brewing Co

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