Podcast 024 Chagrins Comedy

This episode of the podcast features the powerhouse duo behind Chagrins Comedy, Van Lara and Mark Rowland. These guys have been tearing up the Fort Wayne comedy scene with their weekly show every Wednesday at The Latch String. It was an honor to have them on the show. You’re gonna love this. Click the link below to listen to the show. We are also excited to announce you can find us on Sticher and Tune-In Radio now. Making it so much easier to listen on your phone. Favorite us on both apps if you like us. Follow us on Twitter: @AudaciousTitans  Direct all fan/hate mail to: audacioustitans@gmail.com Thanks for listening!

Podcast 024 Chagrin Comedy

Audacious Titans Podcast 022

Show Notes

Podcast 022

Welcome back to the show, thanks for listening. Drop us a line at @AudaciousTitans. Thanks to Cobb for guest starring this week. Drewchavosky is also hanging out at the High Bar.

000:30 Diablo 3 and character carryover

002:22 Cobb’s zombie plan

007:50 Spoiler Alert: the Strain

008:50 Bad CGI

010:45 Colonial Marines Lawsuit

012:40 COD

015:35 Rust

016:30 Day Z

018:00 Online Police/GTA V

025:03 Diablo graphincal comparison

026:27 Good Next Gen games

030:22 Assassin’s Creed 4

037:22 Watchdogs

041:57 Spoiler Alert: Lucy

044:42 All of Samuel L Jackson’s Fucks

046:00 Cobb McGamer

050:30 Favorite subreddits

054:45 Buying GTA V twice

055:50 Games we’re looking forward to

058:50 Indie Games

070:15 Internet fucking

073:35 Weed in China

075:15 Jail sucks

081:55 Ferguson protests, The Purge, Profiling , Police, and Sociopaths

098:15 Science!

106:45 Age of Ultron

108:50 Attack on Titan Bollywood version and Anime

112:10 Marvel vs DC

116:30 Tekken

117:00 Vape Segment

118:00 Breaking Bad

121:00 Thanos, Wolerine, Apocalypse, Aliens

127:57 Movies that didn’t age well

128:50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

132:30 Rocket and Groot

Hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks to Drewchavosky and Cobb for hanging out. Until next time Be Audacious.

Audacious Titans Podcast 015

Audacious Titans Podcast 015 Show Notes

Podcast 015

Welcome back and thank you for listening to our podcast. We hope you enjoy listening as much as you enjoy doing it. Today’s episode starts with what if magic was real? Matthew Mconaughney is fantastic in True Detective. Animals are evolving their behavior patterns in response to living around us and our civilization for so long. A little tutorial on how to handle my dogs. Which leads us into South Park Stick of Truth. MF Mone tells us his way to play Thief. Should Stampede spend money on World of Tanks? Netflix Party View is missed. Hulu has all the anime. How do you feel about the surveillance state? Spoiler free Game of Thrones talk. Abrupt subject change to GTA V online heists. Titanfall DLC! Payday 2 got overlooked because of GTA V. Auditory hallucinations. Trolling horror movie victims. Mone really wants to be a werewolf. Puzzle Quest will steal your free time. Check out our Snaptees account. Amazon Fire TV gaming console. RIP Ouya. 360 emulator for XBONE? Bruce Lee available in UFC 2014. Would you buy a Greco Roman Wrestling game? Street Fighter controls are way too complicated. Amy Hening has gone to EA to helm the new Star Wars game. Check out One Piece vs DBZ video on Counter656 Youtube Channel. Is DBZ starter anime? How many people did Cap kill in The Winter Soldier movie? How will Agents of SHIELD adapt to the events of CAP2? We want to see how Fury lost his eye. Stampede is trying to finish HIMYM. Amazing Spiderman 2 game looks pretty good. What if time. Weird shit. When did Magneto pull out Wolverine’s adamantium?  The special edition of Wolfenstein doesn’t come with the game? They should make a movie with all the Elder Scrolls trailers. Halo 4 nostalgia. Minecraft in Titanfall? Silicon Valley is pretty fuckin funny. The 12 o’clock Boys. Mone is watching HeadNurse Twitch stream during the podcast. There are strange people on Twitch in the wee hours of the morning. Three new Harry Potter movies coming out. Welcome to the New Renaissance. News of Things That Shouldn’t Exist. Cap vs Batman/Superman. Juan almost died. Stampede doesn’t understand Fargo. Asylum is making a zombie apocalypse tv show for SyFy. Gary’s Mod sounds sweet. Chocolate Covered Bacon!!!! Thanks for listening everyone!!! Follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImWrong @JeffStampede

Poscast 011 Polar Vortex

Podcast 011

Welcome back to the show folks, thank you for listening. If you like us, tell your friends! We start this show off with Sugarfoot by Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Maybe we will play some Sade next time. This was recorded back when the Polar Vortex hit. Instructions for how to do dishes camp style. MF Money got the Mega Man suit on Dead Rising 3. Battlefield smart glass is pretty sweet. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is like One Piece. London is obsessed with side scrolling phone games. Wazhack is worth $3. Powder. Plants vs Zombies is a great game for all ages. Halo Wars was a great RTS. Like games that aren’t  shooters does not make you less of a man. How can a man play 3 games at once? Final Fantasy Tactics is London’s favorite game of all time. Infection Mode on COD is troll central. Secret of Evermore sounds like Peabody and Sherman. Star Ocean? If you want a good JRPG buy a Playstation. The media needs a story. Thor vs Raiden Death Battle. Teeth is the scariest movie of all time. Does Mileena lay eggs? Shao Kahn vs Bison Death Battle. Alienware is going to put out Steamboxes every year. It’s a great time for technology. Hemp is the greatest cash crop ever. Hemp Done Right. Titanfall!!! Tucano’s is a carnivore’s paradise. Still waiting for the new Outkast album. Microsoft bought the rights to Gears of War. Driver ants are no joke. Fortress Besieged. We need to ramp up space travel! 3-D house printers. We love The Fifth Element. Batman vs Spiderman Death Battle. Check out the League. Amalgam comics. Iceman vs Lufi would be a good fight. One Piece segment. Y The Last Man is a sweet comic series. Transmetropolitan is badass! Black and white vs color comics. Iphone screens are entirely too small. Fucking Candy Crush people. Homemade Fun-Dip. Sugar will ruin your life. Check out Project Spark. Break for pizza. Peter and Glenn? I meant Peter and Gwen. Is Gwen Stacy going to die in The Amazing Spiderman 2? Falling asleep at midnight movies is a problem. Shout out to the liquor store guy. Bill Nye or Beakman? Shameless promotion solicitation. X-Men: DFOP characters look cool. Hunger Games Catching Fire discussion. Battle Royale is so much better. Btooom is like Bomberman. Live action anime movies are hard to do. Archer Vice! Bob’s Burgers is great. Adventure Time is crazy. Snoop Doge. Blackface? Hemlock Grove is a good show. Thanks for listening follow us @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImwrong @JeffStampede

Audacious Titans Podcast 008

Audacious Titans Podcast 008

Podcast 008

Welcome back to the Audacious Titans Podcast! Juan the American Don is our guest this time. How ya like that intro music? We start off talking about Misfits, the tv show not the band, we were wrong it originally aired on E4. It is available on Hulu tho. Luther is badass. London likes the American version of The Office better than the original. The classic Stanley Thermos is badass. Sorry about all the coughing, we’re kind of sick, winter and all you know. How can you shit your mind? We talk a bit about the blizzard the week before. Why do people always buy groceries like they’ll never see a store again when it’s going to snow? THE POLAR VORTEX IS COMING!!! Money vouches for London’s Peggle 2 addiction. We talk about our favorite games of 2013, lists down below. Money has a man crush on Varnell Hill. London needs a new TV. The Rock is up for the role of John Stewart. Why can’t Idris Elba be James Bond? Spawn vs Kratos Death Battle. Games we are looking forward to in 2014; Metal Gear Solid, Titanfall, Elder Scrolls Online, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Thief 4. PS4 was outselling the Xbox One. Playstation Now! Beating your dad at video games is a rite of passage. We talk about Evolve for the first time. Would you buy a Steam Box? Pirates of Silicon Valley.Why do you need 6TB? Had to tell London about The Lock In. Tyler Perry gets paid twice. Juan finally speaks up a bit. Black comedians do drag because of Flip Wilson. Chris Tucker’s futuristic pimp suit. Michael Bay can’t improvise. Personal drones are a thing now. 3D printers are getting cheaper. 3D doodle pins look cool. 3D printed guns are crazy. Best tactical move in zombie warfare. How do they keep getting away with killing people on Misfits? First two seasons are epic! Tupac the musical.WWE network.Reminiscing on some old school WWE matches. Undertaker was the baddest dude of all time. Bone Thugs N Harmony. Alien: Invasion looks pretty badass. Silent Hill scares London. Slenderman on PC. Slenderman debunked. London can’t get into New Doctor Who. He’s also not really a Hobbit movie fan. Juan has lots of falling dreams. Some tricks for driving in snow. I want to go to the Marvel Experience. Anchorman 2 did not live up to the hype. American Hustle was pretty cool. Jennifer Lawrence would be fun to hangout with. Show me your titties. Ronda Rousey will fuck you up and she does not like Miesha Tate. I didn’t mean to call Ronda Rousey a bitch. Poor Anderson Silva. Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather fight in September? Stop it Charlie! Open Grave. Saving Mr. Banks. Guardians of the Galaxy is not GalaxyQuest. Nova Corps. Exoplanets can save the human race. Galactic Federation of Light? Pig-Monkeys? Holographic Universe theory. Mushrooms keep people out of jail? Titanfall 6v6. Amplituhedron. Juggalos Sue FBI. Wonder Woman. Jason Momoa in BvS? Masturbating Soldier. Amazing Spiderman 2.  90s Spiderman cartoon was the shit! X-Men:DOFP. 90’s X-Men was the shit too! Age of Apocalypse. X-Men Evolution. Thanos needs a stand-alone movie. Final Fantasy continuity is strange. Fantastic Four casting. Shadow of the Colossus movie? Limitless Cosmic Power!!! 90’s Silver Surfer cartoon, also the shit. Gantz. Gamaran. All Hail the King. Crow remake. Pointe Break remake. Hitman reboot. Project Spark. Porn drives humanity. Chatroulette. Thanks for listening. Follow us on Twitter.

Favorite games of 2013:


  1. GTA V
  2. Dishonored
  3. Arkham Origins

London Blue

  1. GTA V
  2. Injustice
  3. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  4. Gears of War: Judgement
  5. Battlefield 4 & Diablo 3
    1. Honorable Mention: Payday 2

MF Money

  1. GTA V
  2. Dead Rising 3
  3. Castlevania Army of Despair
  4. Manako
  5. Dark Souls