BeerSnobCast 002

BeerSnobCast 002

Thanks for listening everyone! This is the second edition of the BeerSnobCast and we’ve got an actual brewer on this episode! Cole teaches us about the brewing process, gravity, and why you should age certain beers. Don’t forget to listen to us on Stitcher and Tune-In Radio. Follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitansInstagram and Facebook. Check out our subreddit to join the conversation. Leave us a comment about your favorite beer and maybe we will try it next time if we can find it!


Beer list

  1. Hopslam Ale: Bell’s Brewery 2014
  2. East Clintwood 51st Ward Beer Company
  3. Mystic Mama IPA: Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
  4. Festina Peche + Palo Santo Maron: Dogfish Head
  5. Class V Stout : Kern Brewing Company
  6. Fathead Barley Wine Ale : Nebraska Brewing Company
  7. Pilgrim’s Dole : New Holland
  8. Colaboration not Litigation : Avery and Russian River
  9. Café Silk Porter : Hoppin Frog
  10. Espresso Oak Aged Yeti: Great Divide Brewing Company
  11. Harbinger of Doom : Pipeworks
  12. Dreadnaught: 3 Floyds
  13. 120 minute: Dogfish Head
  14. Naughty Claus: New Albanian Brewing Company
  15. Positive Contact Dogfish Head

Podcast 026 Dan Smyth

Podcast 026 Dan Smyth

Thanks for listening to the show, this week we are excited to have special guest Dan Smyth, star of the Dan Smyth Trio. You can find Dan on Facebook at Dan Smyth Music to keep up to date with his upcoming gigs and you can always find him hosting the Open Mic at O’Reilly’s every Tuesday from 9-midnight. Don’t forget to listen to us on Stitcher and Tune-In Radio. Follow us on twitter @AudaciousTitans and Facebook.

000:30 Arnold Schwarzenegger

003:00 Black Mirror

008:37 The Flash and Gotham

012:33 UFC

017:30 What’s it like being a musician?

022:03 What’s the coolest gig you’ve had?

024:00 Are you scared?

026:25 Killshot

027:15 Beer Tasting: Lagunitas Sux Brown Shuggah Substitute

027:45 Beer Tasting Kentucky Honey Barrel Brown Ale

029:45 Dragon Age

039:00 Dragon Age vs Diablo

041:05 Assassin’s Creed Unity bugs and Holiday Exclusives

047:55 Sunset Overdrive

052:27 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

060:00 Oculus Rift and the future of AI

065:15 Zombie Apocalypse

067:50 Lacona Brewing Castaway IPA

068:45 Beer Tasting: Atwater Brewery Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale

069:05 Have you ever had a bad time playing music?

076:00 Cam’Ron

079:55 Beer Tasting: Flat 12 Brewery Mustache Ride Red

081:40 Opening for Tesla

084:20 How many bands have you been in?

084:43 Singing dogs

093:23 Walking Dead and Atwater Brewery Hop-A-Peel

101:40 The Fappening

104:00 Game of Thrones and HBO GO

107:48 Suicide Squad

110:05 Beer Tasting: Left Hand Brewery Fade to Black

114:45 Myspace pages