Podcast 026 Dan Smyth

Podcast 026 Dan Smyth

Thanks for listening to the show, this week we are excited to have special guest Dan Smyth, star of the Dan Smyth Trio. You can find Dan on Facebook at Dan Smyth Music to keep up to date with his upcoming gigs and you can always find him hosting the Open Mic at O’Reilly’s every Tuesday from 9-midnight. Don’t forget to listen to us on Stitcher and Tune-In Radio. Follow us on twitter @AudaciousTitans and Facebook.

000:30 Arnold Schwarzenegger

003:00 Black Mirror

008:37 The Flash and Gotham

012:33 UFC

017:30 What’s it like being a musician?

022:03 What’s the coolest gig you’ve had?

024:00 Are you scared?

026:25 Killshot

027:15 Beer Tasting: Lagunitas Sux Brown Shuggah Substitute

027:45 Beer Tasting Kentucky Honey Barrel Brown Ale

029:45 Dragon Age

039:00 Dragon Age vs Diablo

041:05 Assassin’s Creed Unity bugs and Holiday Exclusives

047:55 Sunset Overdrive

052:27 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

060:00 Oculus Rift and the future of AI

065:15 Zombie Apocalypse

067:50 Lacona Brewing Castaway IPA

068:45 Beer Tasting: Atwater Brewery Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale

069:05 Have you ever had a bad time playing music?

076:00 Cam’Ron

079:55 Beer Tasting: Flat 12 Brewery Mustache Ride Red

081:40 Opening for Tesla

084:20 How many bands have you been in?

084:43 Singing dogs

093:23 Walking Dead and Atwater Brewery Hop-A-Peel

101:40 The Fappening

104:00 Game of Thrones and HBO GO

107:48 Suicide Squad

110:05 Beer Tasting: Left Hand Brewery Fade to Black

114:45 Myspace pages

Podcast 005

Audacious Titans Podcast 005

Welcome back to the podcast!!! Thanks for listening. We recorded this podcast right after the next gen systems came out. Remember when Blockbuster rented game systems? RIP Blockbuster. Are there any independently owned Blockbuster stores anymore? Would you go hangout and play video games at a video rental place if there was an arcade attached? A gaming bar if you will. Are these already a thing? We are torn on Pain & Gain. Urban Rock Doom. Do you know why they put the banner on GTA V. MF Money breaks down a GTA V car glitch that probably doesn’t work anymore. I’m a Simpsons nerd and play Tapped Out. I should not do voices. White Castle vs Power’s Burgers. Would you date a girl that smelled like burgers 24/7? Minor technical difficulty. Power’s Burgers ruined Money’s prom. Wendy’s shenanigans. The top of my homemade bar is pretty cool. The lighter stuck in my bar is tricky. Next gen reviews were fun. Fuck cable tv all you need is internet. Blue and Money teach us about Toriko. We’ve discovered only 5% of the ocean. What did James Cameron find in the bottom of the ocean? XKCD has an awesome ocean infographic. Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Hollow Earth theory. Game of Thrones history is pretty sweet. Stop making games for movies and tv shows. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron had badass multiplayer. Ways to improve Armored Core and dirty rotten spies. Call of Duty and tricky accounting. What is the future of shooters? Best game to get with launch title? Dead Rising 3. GTA V zombie DLC would be badass. London is afraid of zombies. Resident Evil was scary as hell. Dreamcast was ahead of its time. What do you do for porn without the internet? Labiaplasty, is it a bad thing? Trent Richardson supposedly made a sex tape. Will gay rumors ruin a rap career? Homosexuality and the black community. Just be cool everybody. Swing dancing is fun. Why do people have to bring guns to parties? Crazy house parties at Ball State. Impromptu parties happen. Moon sand? CSR 9000. Zombie apocalypse preparedness plan. There was some confusion about what FTW means. Youtube reacts t0 ___ videos are hilarious. Angela Lansbury touches herself. Who faps to that?  How far are you willing to go down the Youtube rabbit hole. We talk a little bit about Thor the Dark World. Is Captain America worthy of Mjolnir? How did they hide Kat Dennings’ wonderful boobies? Is there a Halo tv show? Nuka Break the Fallout Youtube show is cool check it out. Walking Dead webisodes give some cool back story. Terrence Howard is bitter about not being in the rest of the Iron Man movies. Robert Downey Jr, is the ultimate Hollywood comeback story. Wallace is gonna be the Human Torch. The Wire is great. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are the Wonder Twins? London and Money fight about Apple and Android, again. Is Devicism a thing? Adam Warlock’s cocoon is in the post credits scene of Thor the Dark World. Read the Infinity Saga. We are in the Golden Age of Comic Book movies. Agents of SHIELD should be better. Arrow is supposed to be pretty good. DC Nation Batman of Shanghai is pretty sweet. San Francisco BatKid. Lady Gaga’s “flying suit.” Mushrooms in the woods. Nerd Rage. Do you have an enemies list?

Podcast 005