Audacious Titans Podcast 022

Show Notes

Podcast 022

Welcome back to the show, thanks for listening. Drop us a line at @AudaciousTitans. Thanks to Cobb for guest starring this week. Drewchavosky is also hanging out at the High Bar.

000:30 Diablo 3 and character carryover

002:22 Cobb’s zombie plan

007:50 Spoiler Alert: the Strain

008:50 Bad CGI

010:45 Colonial Marines Lawsuit

012:40 COD

015:35 Rust

016:30 Day Z

018:00 Online Police/GTA V

025:03 Diablo graphincal comparison

026:27 Good Next Gen games

030:22 Assassin’s Creed 4

037:22 Watchdogs

041:57 Spoiler Alert: Lucy

044:42 All of Samuel L Jackson’s Fucks

046:00 Cobb McGamer

050:30 Favorite subreddits

054:45 Buying GTA V twice

055:50 Games we’re looking forward to

058:50 Indie Games

070:15 Internet fucking

073:35 Weed in China

075:15 Jail sucks

081:55 Ferguson protests, The Purge, Profiling , Police, and Sociopaths

098:15 Science!

106:45 Age of Ultron

108:50 Attack on Titan Bollywood version and Anime

112:10 Marvel vs DC

116:30 Tekken

117:00 Vape Segment

118:00 Breaking Bad

121:00 Thanos, Wolerine, Apocalypse, Aliens

127:57 Movies that didn’t age well

128:50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

132:30 Rocket and Groot

Hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks to Drewchavosky and Cobb for hanging out. Until next time Be Audacious.

Audacious Titans Podcast 014 Codeine

Podcast 014 Codeine

Welcome back to the show, thanks for listening. Intro music is some classic James Brown, Get On Up. We jump into this episode talking about Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Mone is all up on the Juggernuts. London couldn’t make it for this show, so we got Codeine sitting in and Juan hanging out. Why do black people have so many nicknames? Sony is trying to get Project Morpheus going. What is the future of gaming? Porn drives technology. New Assassin’s Creed teaser released. Gotta love loosies. Stay away from the spice. The stock market app is like playing a video game. How many Amazon bots are going to get shot down? Smokin cigarettes in Metal Gear Solid. Do you ever replay a game? Movie news!!! WTF is Maze Runner? Divergent is pretty good. Names are hard. Jarritos Lime Soda, good stuff. Hercules, Hercules, Hercules. How to Be a Player will teach you everything you need to know about women. Badussy. Get on Up! Black Hank Hill. The red light of death. Michael Bay ruins stuff. Pacific Rim 2? The Raid 3 is going to happen. Cheesy Street Fighter Movie is awesome. Little bit of bush can be sexy. Feast recap. Don’t be racist. Good cheese will change your life. Can we just get a full length movie of Kate Upton running in slow motion? Bad Johnson. Enemy looks like a crazy movie. Masturbating Soldier! Jinn looks like a great monster movie. The dude from Afflicted is a dick. Annie remake looks good. Neighbors is gonna be hilarious. MaybeImWrong. Echo looks like modern ET. Kid Cannabis, the true story of running weed from Canada. X-Men: DOFP is gonna be badass. Wolverine too tame? The Giver movie is coming. Noisy drink making interlude. Mone is judging stuff he doesn’t understand. Son of Batman coming out soon. Ghostbusters Reboot. Peabody and Sherman is a great kids movie. Stakeland is some crazy shit. Mone went on a Riddick binge. Trailer Park Boys! Kid’s shows aren’t really for kids. John Leguizamo is a good actor. DMX is a crazy dude. SPOILERS FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA 2!!!! Snail Racing? Really hoping for Machete in Space. You can’t solve the world’s problem with a shotgun. SPOILERS FOR AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2!!!!! Golden Age of Comic Book Movies! Crazy Spiderman comics event about to go down! Superman Clone? The 100 could be cool. Haphead looks like a cool webseries. Mone gives us a Dark Souls 2 update. Thanks for listening!!! Follow us on Twitter @AudaciousTitans @MaybeImWrong @JeffStampede

Spoilery Review: Cheap Thrills



What would you do for money if you were desperate? How far would you go to keep your family from being homeless? These questions are the focus of this movie. Starring Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, David Koechner, and Sara Paxton this comedic thriller is a bit deeper than it appears.

Pat Healy plays Craig, a guy at his wits end after getting fired from his job as a mechanic and receiving an eviction notice the same day. Now he needs to come up with $4500 to keep his family in their home. While contemplating his options at a local dive bar he runs into an old friend from high school named Vince, played by Ethan Embry.

After catching up, Craig confides his problems to Vince who commiserates with him but can’t help him. Craig excuses himself to the bathroom where he finds a guy doing some blow, the guy leaves and Craig notices he dropped a $50 in the toilet. This is the first gross thing he does for money.

When he gets back to the bar Vince has made friends with the guy who was doing blow in the bathroom. The man Colin, played by David Koechner, is there with his wife Violet, Sara Paxton, celebrating her birthday. To celebrate they are out on the town, drinking and causing a bit of trouble.

The bets start off pretty simple, first to take shots, slap a strippers ass, punch a bouncer, but when the group gets back to Colin and Violets house things start to get crazy. Colin takes Vince to his office to get some drugs and Vince sees stacks of cash in the safe. Being a hard up loan shark enforcer Vince decides that he and Craig should steal the money.

Little do they know that Colin is a martial arts champion, he quickly turns the tables on Vince and this is where things go deep into the abyss. Instead of calling the police, Colin makes Craig and Vince compete against each other in a series of fucked up challenges to earn the money they just tried to steal. The end of Four Rooms is recreated, they dine on some delectably exotic cuisine, and shit in the neighbors house.

This is dark comedy at its finest, leaving you simultaneously horrified and laughing hysterically. But I have been accused of being a sick fucker. If you are a fan of the dark comedy classic Very Bad Things, you will probably enjoy the shit out this movie. Hitting theaters 3/21/14 this is a don’t miss for fans of things you shouldn’t laugh at.

Spoilery Review: Bad Country



A period piece cop drama set in the early 80’s and based on a true story, Bad Country is a B movie that almost earns an A. The story of the two men who took down one of Louisiana’s biggest organized crime rings, it’s gripping to watch. Willem Dafoe stars as Bud Carter, a detective that plays by his own rules to get results. I love watching him play the hard ass cop, it’s a role that suits him well. His costar is Matt Dillon playing an ex-military/convict who turns states evidence after his brother is killed in prison by his boss. The crime boss, Lutin, is played by Tom Berenger in a fat suit pretending to be Dom Delouise. Amy Smart has a small role as Dillon’s wife who gives birth as he’s getting arrested and gets blown up to send Dillon on the warpath at the end.

While Dafoe is always fantastic and Dillon is the best he’s looked in years in this role, Berenger isn’t the least bit intimidating or believable as the crime boss. The way he goes in and out of a shitty Creole accent completely blows his credibility. He tried I guess, but he should have tried harder. There is one instance where the accent comes and goes a few times in the same monologue.

I really can’t say enough good things about Matt Dillon in this movie. He’s always struck me as a little goofy in everything he’s done. Even when he tries to play it straight and hard he comes off goofy, I think it has something to do with his voice and cadence. That’s not the case in this movie, he is very believable as the white trash ex-con trying to make right.

Some things are just written weirdly, Chris Marquette as douchey Special Agent Martin Fitch ordering a weird dressing for his salad at a podunk diner making Dafoe’s character instantly hate him is one. Marquette’s whole character is just annoying, maybe he was written that way, maybe it was just Marquette’s performance. There is also a weird sub-plot concerning the reconciling of Dafoe’s character and his estranged father, who look to be about the same age. The movie also showcases the dick-measuring competition that results from incompetent government agencies trying to work together.

If it wasn’t for Dillon’s brilliant portrayal and Dafoe’s tour de force performance this movie would be wholly unwatchable. Unless you want to laugh at Berenger’s gawdawful on again off again accent. How this guy keeps getting work is beyond me. But you should watch this movie, Matt Dillon needs the love. Grab it from Redbox, VOD, or where ever you get your movies from.