Podcast 007

Podcast 007 Show notes

Welcome back to Audacious Titans podcast, now with intro and outro music. Can you guess the artist and album? We start this one off with our second take of the day. We had some technical difficulties on the first take. We’re sipping on some Balvenie Caribbean Cask. We talk shit about London playing Peggle 2 and missing the podcast. Money gives out our gamer tags, MF Money is Eye­_get_money_B, London is JefftheStampede, and I’m TheRacic. They are Xbox Live and I’m on PSN. Remember AOL discs? Incognito mode doesn’t hide stuff from the NSA. There is some weird porn out on the internet. HAPPY LEGALIZATION DAY!!!! We need legalized industrial hemp! Bad Scottish accents. Extra beer! Math is hard, but I was right. Saving Mr. Banks is a good movie. Was it Roy or Walt that was the anti-semite? How long would you have to be stranded on a deserted island before you fucked a volleyball? We talk about our favorite movies of 2013. Pacific Rim and Man of Steel. How much Kryptonite is on Earth? Money loves Minecraft. The longest intro of all time. RIP James Avery. We need to eat healthier and exercise more. Kettlebell Cardio. Dr. Ian shred diet. Terrible sweet tooth. Big shout out to Joe Rogan and the JRE Experience. I said dude not douche. Major Nelson’s podcast. Rick from Review Tech, Duncan Trussel’s Family Hour, Dan Carlin, Joey Coco Diaz. Stitcher is the shit. We need a different feed before we get on it. Favorite game of the year, GTA V. Have you heard of DayZ? Murderpedia? Good job Fort Waste, first murders of the year. You have died from dysentery. Don’t fall for the Mac hype. What age do you think it’s appropriate to give a kid a tablet? We’ve talked about Twitch before. Is Jay-Z in Day-Z? Will Google become Skynet? Shout out to Filmdrunk, thanks for bringing The Lockin to my attention. Finally found a good Day-Z video. Console MMOs? World War Z is garbage compared to the book. A bloodless zombie movie is bullshit. Desolation of Smaug felt stretched. Smaug looked amazing. The filler parts felt like filler. Beorn was a badass. Three hour midnight movies can make you fall asleep. Thinkgeek.com sells some cool shit. CoD has shitty enemy spawn points. Dead Rising 3 is way better than 2. Death by spork! Breaking down problems with zombie games. So many different races in Elder Scrolls online. Red Guard mages are a joke. Soul Gems? Dragon Shouts? Mean shout outs from MF Money. Will Craven the Hunter ever be in a Spiderman movie? Skater boi Spiderman sucks. The Sinister Six setup could be cool. ‘Murica!!! Older ladies who like One Direction and Twilight are creepy. How can the 50 Shades of Grey movie not be XXX? Mario Lopez was clownin on the Fox New Year’s Eve Show. The Batwing!! Guardians of the Galaxy line up picture looks pretty cool. Can’t wait for that to come out this August. I swear to you Andrew looks like Peter Quill. Abrupt ending because of technical difficulty. Thanks for listening! Follow us on Twitter! @AudaciousTitans

Podcast 007

Audacious Titans Podcast 003 Psychedelic


This episode of the Audacious Titans podcast was recorded on my porch this fall. It’s mostly MF Money and London talking, I was barely conscious for reasons that will remain unsaid. MF Money relates his experience with psilocybin. We talk a little about what we don’t like about the Walking Dead TV show compared to the comics. How cool GTA V zombie DLC would be. We talk about the last season of Futurama and the new season of South Park. Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Level grinding. Gun physics in first person shooters. Telltale’s Walking Dead game. Borderlands DLC. Stitcher Radio App. Major Nelson. The end just kind of trails off. I learned don’t try to podcast if you can barely stay awake. Thanks for listening. Be audacious.